PETITION: Stop the Comcast-Time Warner Merger

You deserve more competition, not less!

Monopolies like this are fundamentally anti-American—they are not free enterprise in a fair market. The merger mania that has hurt America so much has to be stopped. Join me. Object to the proposed Comcast-Time Warner merger. Make our voices heard.


Lack of competition squeezes consumers. It means fewer services at a higher price with poor customer service. Don’t believe me? Think about your cable and ISP choices, and how the costs have skyrocketed nationwide. 

The Comcast-TWC merger is a no good, bad deal for Nebraska consumers — it diminishes choices in the market place and will hurt consumers with higher prices. And we can be certain the merger will produce “efficiencies” and reduce jobs, too! The merger violates basic economic tests; it makes the market dangerously monopolistic. This is not free enterprise; it is monopolization.

Reject the Comcast-TWC merger NOW. 

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